Sales Executive
Representing: Waukesha, Milwaukee

David Conrad joined Chicago Title in early 2022 as a Residential Account Executive with over 5 years of experience in sales ranging from territory management to direct-to-consumer sales. He has earned the trust of many customers looking to update their home in an extremely competitive industry and has been highly recommended due to his communication skills and ability to rise in challenging moments.

As a sales representative that formally dealt directly with the consumer and especially dealing with the aspects of their homes, which can be an emotional investment, I quickly learned how important communication was. Whatever the challenge is at hand, it is important to know that whoever you are working with is going to have confidence in you which comes from that communication and being able to express empathy throughout the process in which you are involved so that they know you are doing everything you can to meet the needs of the current goal.

David is a Waukesha native and attended the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee as a Business/Marketing major.  He chose UW-Milwaukee to get the “big college” experience yet be close enough to home and still spend quality time with his family. In his free time, he enjoys going to concerts, hiking, traveling and overall being active in any way, which came from his large involvement in sports growing up. Because of his competitive nature he participate in basketball and softball leagues with friends on weeknights.

David Conrad

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